Tips to Build Everlasting First Impression

Shivani Sharma

Shivani Sharma

Tips to Build Everlasting First Impression

As it is popularly said, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ but in reality, things are quite different, and most people believe in the fact of ‘First Impression is the Last Impression’. However, it is contradictory but yes it is a fact that cannot be ignored. We meet people daily and we often want to show our best version so that the other person could be impressed with us.

Imagine if you are new to college, and you meet your classmates and teachers for the first time. Here you will be showing them the best version of yourself but in eyes of your friends, it would not last for long. Therefore, we also conclude by saying, we want to create an everlasting first impression on a higher authority so that we can look trustworthy and they would remember us. For instance, an employer, who came for an interview and the interviewer gets impressed by the way he or she has presented themselves. This aspect is a game-changer because it will help you to gain others’ trust and be in good eyes.

The fact is any person would only take a few seconds to have a judgemental opinion about you. And here the external factors matter a lot because in life you cannot know everyone closely, there are always certain boundaries within your circle of friends or acquaintances. Therefore, you have to be ready for such circumstances.

Here, we are going to share 10 tips that can help you to build an everlasting first impression.


  1. Focus on BASICS


When you hear ‘Basics’, you can go back to school days and recall how you used to present yourself by having a neat and clean uniform, polished shoes, and good hair. Overall, this is like a baby step but a necessary tip to follow. If you are an office-going person, then buy formal dresses for yourself, and keep the ironed and well set for the day. Have nice hair cut and if you have many tattoos, you can probably cover it up when going on a professional setup.

For girls, do subtle makeup, do not overflow yourself with too much of it, and sprinkle a decent scent that is not so strong. Therefore, this will make you look perfect for the day and create the first impression instantly.


  1. Body Language Matters A LOT


Generally, in the image management course, the first thing which is taught in the sessions is Body Language. Be it interviews, classes, meetings, or any meeting up Body Language is very important. So, the question comes, How Body Langauge can be improved?

To improve your body language, create self-awareness within yourself. Self Awareness is the experience of one’s personality, it is about self-discovery of how actions, emotions, and thoughts align with the mental state or standards.

To improve your body language, you must sit properly by relaxing your shoulders, straighten the back, use a good body posture by leaning with comfort while sitting in the waiting room, or the interview room, and at last keep good eye contact.

These habits can be inculcated with practice, you can keep a chair in front of your dressing mirror and practice giving an interview. In this way, you are able to check your expressions, gestures, and postures.


  1. Communication DO’s and DON’Ts


Communication is a way of exchanging ideas, and thoughts with individuals or in groups. And To make a first impression, you must become confident to communicate with others. Communication skills cannot be learned in a day, as it is a gradual process and it can be excelled with practice over time.

Here we are sharing Do’s in improving Communication

  • Be clear with your message
  • Understand your audience
  • Talk about things that interest both the sides
  • Be polite and gentle with your responses
  • Pronounce words properly
  • Have a positive attitude

Next is Don’ts in Communication

  • Do not interrupt unnecessarily
  • Do not let personal feelings come up while business communication
  • Do not only talk about your interests
  • Do not feel afraid of sharing knowledgeable information
  • Do not keep on speaking without taking feedback

Therefore, above are some points that you must keep in your mind so that you can have the best first impression.


  1. Do not GOSSIP


Gossiping is one of the worst qualities one can have. To create the first impression is not big deal rather keeping in that impression is. Because if you are not what you are, then the first impression will not last long. The most important aspect is improving your circle and only discussing things that make you a better citizen or a friend, or a colleague. Gossiping creates a negative environment and also affects relationships.


  1. Be on TIME


Punctual people are most trustworthy because they know how to value time. Be it your job interview, presentations, date, or meeting with friends, being punctual on time makes an excellent impression that you respect the time and the other person’s words. So, be on time, you must be ready an hour before and reach the destination half an hour before.

As it is popularly said, that successful people follow and respect time. And if you have questions, why it is necessary so? Then here is the answer.

Being on Time, helps you plan for things coming up. You are ready for unexpected if happened while you are traveling, for instance, if you are called up for an interview and you met with massive traffic and you reach the venue half an hour late, it will eventually create a bad impression on the interviewer’s end. And on the other hand, if you are on time, they will consider you punctual. It is OK to wait rather than be late for the day, that is how the first impression is made and will help you to sail through the important tasks for the day.


  1. Commitment to WORK


In this part, there are two aspects, the first is the commitment that one gives to another person and the other is the INITIATIVE that you must take. Sometimes, taking initiative can help you to make a first impression and give you the confidence to be in a leadership role. This is the testing time when your supervisors will look upon you to take initiative, and commit to complete the work. For instance, if you have shown up as a person who is commitment then, this is the time to take up that responsibility and perform.

Building an everlasting first impression is not easy as it is looked at often because you have to make changes in your personality. Theoretically, a person can show the fake qualities in themselves for a while but here the answer is to make your image in such a way that makes you the better version of yourself in real.




Nowadays, we are often surrounded by technology in some other form which gives us a high chance to get distracted from our goals. If you are an internet lover, who just loves to read the feeds and enjoy, then sometimes, it might not be as good as you think for the people around you. Therefore, there is always a limit to certain things. For instance, you have to limit the use of phones at offices or in classes.

As the researchers and their studies have explained that the excessive use of technology around has made individuals distractive beings who lack in making decisions and are becoming lazy day by day. Also, technology not only is the internet or social media, it is the comfort that has made human beings too much dependent on themselves.

With balanced use of technology, you can create better work and focus enough to work efficiently which makes your first impression as a hardworking and committed employee forever. You can take the help of technology in improving your hard skills so that you can excel and be up to date at your job.




As earlier, we explained that you must focus on improving yourself, or developing your personality so that making the first impression would be a cakewalk for you. In reality, nobody can have a contrived behavior for long and they eventually show up what they are from inside. To remain yourself, you must practice the art of self-awareness or self-discovery which will help you to know your strengths and weakness. With strengths, you can sharpen those skills, and with weaknesses, you can work upon them and create a balance. The well-aware fact is that nobody is perfect, everyone has some flaws. But you can improve yourself in way of presentation at the workplace or in interviews which will help you to get a good company of friends and become the dream version of yourself.

 When you decide to be yourself, you tend to become more confident because it is important to be comfortable with what you are.


  1. Keep SMILING


A smile is a curve that makes you look attractive, and it is the first sign of having positive body language. Whenever a person sees you for the first time, they look at your face and especially at your smile. A smile relaxes your face and makes you look comfortable. It helps to make the first impression instantly. For instance, if you are going for an interview, and when you enter the room. The interviewer looks at you and passes a smile, here is the time when you must smile and greet him. This will make a bond and a better level of two-way communication.

Hence, smiling is the first way of making yourself look fabulous and helps you to build an everlasting first impression.


  1. Keep Positive ATTITUDE


Positivity is a vibing element and it is easily visible in the person’s behavior. Last but not least Keeping a Positive Attitude will help you to make an everlasting first impression. With positivity you can handle any situation, it will help you to remain calm and composed.

 Also, it will give you a way to accept failures and work hard for goals in life. Nevertheless, it gives strength to face any situation and gives a positive aura that attracts good people in your surroundings. Therefore, a positive attitude can make a significant difference in building the first impression.

Here we have discussed the major tips that you must follow to make your first impression everlasting. Also, the first impression is closely associated with shaping your image or personality and when the changes are done internally, it is indeed visible externally. Therefore, keep your focus on improving yourself internally.

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