Advance English Course

Learning a new language takes time, effort, patience and practice. Discover the best and most effective way to learn English, Increase your Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation, When it comes to fine dining, there is a big difference between knowing what fork to use and which glass to fill with wine. and Reading skills. Study from a Complete Beginner to Advanced level.
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Advanced English Speaking Course

We often find bright and quick-witted people facing problems due to language barriers. Just think how many opportunities you may have missed due to a lack of linguistic skills! No worries. To end your difficulties and to make you seasoned in English, we present an Advanced English Speaking Course.

Advanced English Class Modules

The modules of this course are as follows.

The first part of the module is articulation. It refers to the construction of comprehensible and particular notes in speech. Our body produces sound through a mutual collaboration of our tongue, lips, teeth and throat.

Therefore, this course will illustrate how you can produce sounds through the collaboration and coordination of the mouth and throat. Our instructors will demonstrate how you need to assemble your mouth and vocal cord to pronounce vowel sounds. Therefore, articulation is an integral part of our course.

No matter how affluent your vocabulary is, it will all go down if you do not use correct grammar. Therefore, our course will teach you the utilization of appropriate verbs, pronouns and prepositions to form a sentence. Our coach will portray how you can connect two different sentences via conjunction.

Our instructor will try to improve your sentence structure by advising you to read more books and follow newspaper articles. To form a sentence correctly, you must know the parts of speeches. Our instructor will explain and elaborate on each part of the speech so that you can frame better sentences.

Most people face difficulties while speaking fluently in English. We are here with you to solve this issue. In order to speak fluently:

  • One must have
  • Try to first form the sentence in your head before actually uttering it out
  • Focus on the pronunciation of the
  • Do not try to be pretentious or use a fake accent. Use your tone to convey your
  • Teach your mind to think in
  • Practice, practice and practice

Therefore, to speak fluently in English, you must continuously converse with others in English. This will boost your speaking ability and help you learn from your mistakes. Therefore, do not be fretful, our instructor will teach you ways to speak fluently.

In order to excel in English, you should try to expand your vocabulary. Our advanced course will teach you various beautiful nouns, idioms and phrases to enhance your vocabulary. We will provide you with a list of words with their meanings and teach you to pronounce them correctly.

And one advice that every teacher will give you is to read. Reading books will not only enrich your glossary but shower you with knowledge. We will also introduce you to dictionaries so that you can refer to them any time you face a problem. Therefore, stop using repetitive words and replace them with new exciting words.

One first needs to learn to think in English to muscle out all mistakes and blemishes. To think in English, you must:

  • Abstain from using a bidialectal dictionary that translates to your mother tongue. No matter how difficult, use an only-English
  • Communicate with yourself in
  • Try to form liaisons with an English speaking

Our instructors will meticulously teach you to think in English. Therefore, thinking in English will improve both your reading and writing skills.

We often hear people using “ums” and “uhs” while conversing with other people. It can become quite annoying at times. Moreover, it can degrade your impression. To avoid using fillers you can:

  • Use pauses in between sentences. Take the time to think and pay attention to others which may help you to speak
  • Practice speaking out loud in English while you are alone. Record your fillers and try to omit them.
  • Try to use better words instead of “um” and “uh”.

We will provide you with more tips in our classes. Therefore, try to avoid using fillers and upgrade your speaking skills.

We often hear people mispronouncing words and degrading their persona. We will help you to avoid wrong pronunciation and give you guidance regarding enunciation. Therefore, to pronounce correctly:

  • Try to break up the syllables into halves and pronounce them
  • Prepare the speech before the main event and practice numerous
  • Whenever you come across a new word, note it down and search for its
  • Abstain from using pretentious

Therefore, we will fill your basket with more tips and tricks when you join our classes.

In order to procure a spotless sentence, you must focus on phrases and collocations. A phrase is a long group of words that we use together to form an expression. And a collocation refers to the utilization of more than one word that we place consecutively in a sentence.

Our classes will give you full knowledge and information about every topic that will help you form a sentence. Therefore, do join our classes to strengthen your English.

We often come across people who have excellent writing skills but get a nervous breakdown while speaking publicly. We understand your problem and we are here to help you out with that. To deliver a perfect speech in English, you should:

  • Memorize the speech beforehand.
  • Refer to dictionaries while preparing the
  • Ensure that the sentences are grammatically
  • Stand straight with confidence and say
  • Practice saying it out

Therefore, our instructors will help you out with public speaking.

By improving your English speaking skills we will help you build up your confidence level. Our language classes will train your mind to be more productive and innovative. By elevating your vocabulary, writing, and reading skills, we will ensure that you are confident.

We will induce optimistic thinking in you and let you indulge in continuous communication. Therefore, this will improve your English caliber which, in turn, will increase your confidence.

Synonym refers to different words having the same meaning or related meanings. On the other hand, antonyms refer to words having different or opposite meanings. This module involves teaching the students various antonyms and synonyms of different words.

This will enrich your vocabulary and drape you with sheets of knowledge. We will hand down a list of synonyms and antonyms to the students which will enable them to learn faster. After handling the list, our instructor will explain the meanings and help you form sentences with those words. Therefore, this will help you to avoid using the same word over and over.

In our advanced speaking class, you will learn about the history of the English language. We will provide you with knowledge about how word formation took place and the origin of different words and influences. A lot of English words have a Latin origin. Words like “acumen” and “agenda” are such words.

We will also give you detailed information about French and Greek influence. Words like “adieu” and “chauffeur” have French origin while “democracy” and “cemetery” have Greek origin. Therefore, you will get a vast knowledge of different influences on the English language.

This module involves giving tasks to students related to newspapers. This task will need you to read newspapers every day and encircle the vocabulary that journalists use. You will note them down and write their meanings.

We shall also ask you to create sentences using each of the words. Therefore, this way you will learn to use newspaper vocabulary snd use them in your daily conversations.

Our course will enlighten you with advanced English words. Some advanced English words are:

  • Abhor– This implies hatred against a particular thing or individual.
  • Aberration– It refers to something opposite from what is normal.
  • Benign– It means something serene or tranquil.

Therefore, we will embellish your glossary with classic terminologies like the above.

Idioms are sentences that involve deep metaphors and similes. Idioms involve reference to real- life situations and drawing in ironies and paradoxes. The English language contains different valuable phrases that impart moral lessons. Some idioms are:

  • Once in a blue moon ( refers to something that takes place rarely or occasionally).
  • Cost an arm and a leg (refers to something heavy on the pocket).

Therefore, we will enhance your English skills with more such idioms.

Our academy will teach you all the core grammar rules and encourage you to rectify and learn from your mistakes. We often find people stammering to get the grammar right. We can solve this issue. For instance, some basic grammar rules are:

  • Always use present tense after “did“. (Did go, danced, )
  • Always use past participle after “has/had/have”. ( has gone, have given, had fallen)

Therefore, we will teach you basic and advanced grammar rules and help you to learn from your mistakes.

In this course, we will talk about basic spelling rules and teach you advanced pronunciation. One such basic spelling rule is:

  • When it becomes plural, the spellings with “ys” turn into “ies”. Example- Teddy becomes teddies.

Therefore, our course will impart knowledge regarding spelling. Our coach will take individual care and teach advanced native pronunciations. Therefore, our course focuses on the core basics of the English language.

Many times, we find people bewildered at some English words. They generally confuse homophones or homonyms and other similar-sounding words. Certain confusing words are:


  • Assure and ensure.
  • Advice and advice.
  • All together and altogether.

We provide a detailed list of such words along with their meanings. Therefore, students can gather knowledge from the list and enrich their vocabulary.

Therefore, these are the topics that we will cover in our course.

Course Details


The duration of this course is one month.

Mode of Training

Training will be provided via live online classes.


Apart from the online classes, you will also get Study Materials


To avail of this course, a person should be eager to learn. Sincerity and determination are the two things that one needs to possess to join this course. To join this course, a person needs to have basic communication skills so that they can convey their problems to our instructors. Therefore, anybody who will learn English with keenness and earnestness can avail of this course.

Who Should Take This Course

People preparing for different entrance tests or language examinations can take this course. For instance, people preparing for The International English Language Testing System IELTS can avail themselves of this advanced speaking course. People drawing up for TOEFL, CAE, and CPE can benefit from this course.

If you are an entrepreneur and looking for an English-speaking course to communicate better with clients then this course is for you. Any college or school student can also take up this course to score better in their academics. Housewives who want to get out of their daily drudgery and want to do something exciting are also perfect for this.

We also have online facilities. Therefore, you do not need to worry if you want to avail advanced English-speaking courses online. We provide you with recordings of the class which you can avail yourself of for up to two months from the date of the class. Therefore, anybody who is looking for an English-speaking course online can also choose this course.

People having different mother tongues can also make the best use of this course. Some people have to go to different places due to their jobs and face language barriers. Such people can also take up this course. People having the aim of becoming translators are also eligible for this course. And lastly, you don’t need a reason to learn. Therefore, anybody who is eager to learn can take up this course.

What Will You Learn

People choosing this course will gather vast and deep knowledge about the English language. To start with the basics, you will learn verbs, helping verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions. You will learn how these contribute to sentence formation. We will teach you their applications in sentences.

Things like sentence construction, active and passive voice, and subject and predicate are also parts of our grammar curriculum. As for vocabulary enrichment, we will teach you various enhanced nouns and adjectives that will brighten up your glossary. We will also give you lessons on communication in English and improve your conversational skills.

This will also develop your writing skills and help you get rid of glitches. We will also fill your confidence bucket and help you get rid of nervousness while speaking in English. Therefore, our advanced English speaking course will make you a true connoisseur of English.

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Confused about why you should choose image coach Shivani? Don’t worry we will give you a good number of reasons. Image coach Shivani is a veteran in English who has expertise in consultancy, etiquette coaching, and soft skill training. Therefore, she is a perfect fit for your English training.

She will take care of each student individually and teach them with meticulous care. Our coach does not only impart knowledge but will become your best friend when you need guidance.

Image coach Shivani will teach you to have faith in yourself and never give up when the road gets a little bumpy.

She will teach you advanced English in the best way possible and have your back when you need her. Therefore, don’t give it much thought and sharpen up your skills with image coach Shivani.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

The below are a few common and frequently asked questions regarding our Advance English Course

Yes it is a certified course.

The classes will be conducted ImageCoachShivani

The sessions will be conducted live and these aren’t recorded sessions.

Yes for 2 months you can claim , however recording for each session shall be given