Interview Skills

In today’s competitive job market, you need to have great interviewing skills to land the best jobs. And being successful at it requires proper training and practice. And I am here to guide you with all of that.

Here we are going to share the Job Interview Training course that we provide in detail. You will also get to know more aspects regarding personal development and get answers to frequently asked questions.

Job Interview Training Modules

Here we are sharing the Job Interview Training Modules that are included in this course. Further below, we will discuss each of them in detail for better clarity.

Here we have shared some steps to follow to create the best resume.

  • Make the right format for your Resume
  • Write an eye catching yet professional objective
  • Add your Education
  • Show your achievements
  • List your experiences and elaborate your work responsibilities
  • Show your soft skills
  • Include Additional Sections like Hobby, Interests,
  • Add Name of your Reference

Also, our instructor will help you out in making the best resume possible. So, that you can get shortlisted for your dream job. Therefore, this is the first step of your job interview training course.

Indeed, it is not a new word that you must have heard. This is the SWOT analysis, and its full form is mentioned below.

S- Strengths

W- Weaknesses



You must be wondering what is its usage here at Job Interview Training. Therefore, to understand simply, it is a strategic planning and management technique to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and threats in a business or an individual.

So, as the words suggest, you can separate your skills according to SWOT analysis. Therefore, with this analysis in no time, you can build your resume as a pro. Also, our instructor will helo you by giving examples that how you can bifurcate your skills according to SWOT analysis.

“First impression is your last impression”

If it is the interview attire, you have to look professional yet the best of your version. So let us see, what you must look for in Interview Attire.

  • Look for comfortable clothing like cotton shirts, or better material that is smooth to your skin
  • Choose your cloth according to the season
  • Keep your Attire neat and clean
  • Iron your clothes to get that beautiful crease
  • Get your perfect pair of shoes

Here we will be listing Interview Attire for Men and Women



A suit includes a matching shirt, pants, and a blazer. You can also add a matching tie to make your appearance professional.

Formal Shirts & Pants

Wear formal shirts of pastel or light colors. Avoid using dark or neon colors. Wear formal pants with contrast to your shirt, and avoid wearing tight pants.


Formal Shirts & Pants

Women can wear Formal Shirts and Pants along with sandals, or ballerinas. The rest is to keep yourself well groomed. Clean your nails, and make a bun to stabilize your hair.

Keep your folder bag on another chair, not on the interviewer’s table. And more do’s and don’ts will be taught in the job interview classes as well.

Suit or Saree

Specifically this interview attire is quite popular in the job interview for Assistant Professor at College, school teachers, or Administrative positions at high government offices.

Body Language shows your intentions and so is your interviewer going to catch all that. Body language plays an important role in shaping your personality and especially when it comes to preparing for a job interview.

Here we are sharing some tips to follow to have confident body language.

  • Entrance: Seek permission to enter, greet with a smile, and seat when instructed.
  • Meanwhile, if you are going for a higher designation, you can have a handshake with the interviewer which is a positive gesture 
  • Maintain eye contact while answering
  • Sit comfortably and impactful
  • Keep your hands on your thighs or joined together at your lap
  • Breath normally
  • Keep a smile on your face
  • Answer confidently
  • Say No to answers you do not know
  • After the interview ends, greet and leave the room


Similarly, you will also get a chance to experience the interview practice in the Job Interview training from our experienced instructors. Therefore, you can completely put your trust in us.

The Post Interview process is all about PRACTICE. Also, if you gave an interview, our instructor will tell you how to maintain in touch with the HR of the company to get feedback on your interview results. You must give your correct email address and phone number for the further intimation from their end.

Once with the clear interview round, you will get a call to join the company with an offer letter and other documentation processes.

How to Answer Most FAQs During Interview?

There are some questions that Must Prepare while going for an interview. Also, there is a higher probability for these questions to be asked.

Here is a set of questions that you can be asked:

1.  Tell me About Yourself

This question gives you the freedom to tell about yourself. This is a golden chance to prepare and tell things about yourself that are not known to the interviewer from your resume.

2.  Talk about Education and Professional Experience

Here you can discuss your education, your marks, and your corporate experience. You can share the tasks that you completed in your previous employer, and also your responsibilities. With this, you can tell more about your area of interest.

3.  Major Achievements

With this part you can talk about your achievements in life from your college days to your corporate. We all have some achievements. Do tell this, even if you have small achievements because it shows your zeal and spirit.

4.  Interest and Hobbies

To make your interview a little friendly, your interviewer will ask about your interest and hobbies. Have a little idea about your hobbies.

5.  Some Situational Reaction Test

This test could be taken on the spot with some questions based on various situations. For instance, You are an employer and in your company, two employees are having conflict and both are not willing to work together. How will you resolve this?

In this scenario be patient, and analyze the situation, give your response as a leader because here you are tested according to your soft skills.

As for the above SRT, you can answer, “I will call both of them, talk to them and make them understand the importance of working in a team. Give them time to resolve the matter and resume the work”

Therefore, our instructor will help you out in this to broaden your mind and make constructive answers.

Job Interview Training for Freshers

To train Freshers is just like molding them in the way required. For Freshers, this job interview training is a good start in their career because it will create a framework and confidence for to them face the world. Freshers are new in the corporate world and when good groom freshers compete with other candidates in the interview, the latter has a higher chance to qualify for it.

Job Interview Training for Experienced

Experienced candidates have an experience in Job Interviews but there are higher expectations from them in the corporate world. Experienced candidates have to present

themselves with full knowledge and perfection. Unlike freshers could be ignored if they commit any mistakes but for experienced candidates, that’s not the case. Our instructors will train the experienced candidates in a way that will help them to get the desirable job.

Why Interview Skills Training?

We are here in this world as a learner and to fit and become independent, we need a job. This job could only be possible with education and skills. But it’s not enough because in a corporate you are meeting people and interacting with them need to have good communication skills, soft skills, and personality. Therefore, before inculcating those, you have to prepare yourself for the Interview, this requires a little hard work and you are best to go on this corporate journey. Therefore, this Interview Skills training will help you to get a good job and also a dynamic personality.

Who can join this course?

Anybody who has a zeal to get a job or wants to make their personalities dynamic enough to sit for interviews. Job Interview Training is not specific to any gender, or educational background. The minimum requirement would be a qualifying degree in any specialization and a desire to learn.

Some questions related to the Job Interview

1) What to wear for a personal trainer job interview?

Going for a personal trainer job interview, you should go for a formal dressing style. Always make your first impression best, while keeping your dress neat and clean. Carry a professional document bag. Also, wear a constant big smile which will indicate your excitement and positive attitude toward the interviewer.

2)  Can I ask about Job Training in an HR Interview?

Yes, you can. You want to be a part of that organization and transparency is important. When your HR interview is about to end, the manager would ask you to ask any questions. Here you get the opportunity to ask about job training, especially in the case of freshers.

3) How do answer job interview questions for a trainer?

In our training module, we train not only for specific questions but make you ready to face any questions asked by the interviewer. Therefore, for a trainer job, you might be asked how you conduct your training classes, how you handle conflicts, and how you solve doubts in classroom learning. With our instructor, you can have a discussion regarding your designation.

4) How to conduct job interview training?

As we discussed above regarding the modules, the job interview training can be conducted by giving the basic knowledge and letting the students do the analyzing part of it. Therefore, it must be basic to advanced level training with practical knowledge.

5) How to dress for a personal trainer job interview?

For a personal job trainer, you have to dress up formally. Keep yourself neat and tidy. Both men and women should use pastel or light color shirts along with a tie. Also, women can wear suits if they are comfortable in that.

6)  How to do interviews for personal job training?

Every interview has some similarities. Whenever going for a job interview, check your designation and prepare the relevant questions that could be asked in that area. Therefore, prepare what could be asked of a personal job trainer.

7) Is it ok to ask about training before the personal job interview?

Yes, it is absolutely fine to discuss training. It will give you clarity and build a trustworthy relationship between you and the company.

8) What to expect at a personal trainer job interview?

If you are going for a personal trainer job interview then you are expected to be on time, dress up neat and tidy, and carry all your documents. Along with that be confident on your part and carry your beautiful smile.

9)  What to wear for a personal training job interview?

Probably the dress code for a job interview is the same. You can refer to the modules above to know in detail.

Course Details


The duration of this course is three weeks

Mode of Training

Training will be provided via live online classes.


As a bonus from my side you will get your Free Resume Rewriting done.

Why Image Coach Shivani for Job Interview Training?

Our image coach Shivani has proficiency and competence in corporate training. She is a good advisor, a veteran teacher, and an adept preacher.

She will intricately teach you how you can develop your persona. Her training involves explaining the modules in detail. And she will step by step preach to you how you can exercise those modules in real life.

She will solve your issues and polish your personality so that you can flourish and thrive in the world. Therefore, you can trust our coach who is a skillful teacher and advisor.

She will guide you to become dynamic in your thinking while giving job interview answers.

Get Trained By Image Coach Shivani Today!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

The below are a few common and frequently asked questions regarding our Interview Skills

Yes it is a certified course.

The classes will be conducted ImageCoachShivani

The sessions will be conducted live and these aren’t recorded sessions.

Yes for 2 months you can claim , however recording for each session shall be given

Individuals need to take the courage to be what they want to be. Ofcourse, it is not a one day process, it will take time to absorb the feel of overall persona development. But with time and practice, one can achieve this milestone.

Therefore, have patience and join the best job interview training course to get your dream job.