Personality Development Training

A good personality is the best thing anyone can ever achieve. The simple aim of our Personality Development Course is to give you an edge over your peers by helping you acquire skills and traits that are required for success in your career.

Personality Development Course

Personality refers to the unique attributes, characteristics, and behavioral traits specific to a person. And development implies the grooming, progress, and growth of such characteristic traits.


In order to pull through and sustain oneself in the dynamic world, one must focus on personality development. To polish the inherent psychological thoughts, you must seek help from a personality development course.


Still in a dilemma regarding the course? Don’t worry. Today, we will discuss in detail the different aspects of our personality development course.

What is Personality Development?

The terminology, “personality” has been taken from the classical Latin vocabulary, “persona”. It refers to a specific distinct disguise, mask, or veil. Therefore, personality refers to the tonality of a character and how its behavioral patterns make it unique.

In simple terms, it means the physical and psychological countenance, habits, and customs of a person that are non-identical. Therefore, we can term the brushing up on these attributes and traits that make a person unique as personality development.

It will help a person to sparkle myriads of colors and impart a potpourri of melody in life. Our personality development course in Delhi is critically acclaimed and adored. Therefore, do check out our details in order to avail the course.

Personality Development Course Module

This course is known for offering extensive training and paves the way for upskilling your skills.

The popular saying, “first impression is the last impression ” has some gravity and weightage. If you want to create a good impact on others on the very first meeting, you have to follow some rules.

Wear an ironed and clean dress. That will portray your neat nature and drape you with the sheets of admiration. Polish your shoes and wear a slight hint of perfume. That will demonstrate your attention to details and make people appreciate you.

Pay attention to other people’s words and speak confidently when it’s your turn. Last but not the least, wear your brightest smile and that will surround you with positivity.

Therefore, in this course, you will learn in detail about more of such ways to create good impressions that will enfold you with admiration.

We often find well educated people losing opportunities due to their body language. Our course is structured to dissolve such dilemmas for you. In order to impart an aura of confidence and success, you must learn proper behavioural attributes.

Therefore, some body language tips are as follows.

  • Abstain from slouching. Sit straight whenever you are in a
  • Wear the sheets of confidence that will wrap you with
  • Don’t forget your polite attitude. Say “thank you” and “sorry” whenever the needs
  • Smile at everybody to impart an optimistic

Therefore, these tips on body language will ameliorate your persona. For more such tips, join our personality development classes in Delhi.

The art of conversation implies holding of perfect conversations that will help you to build liaisons and get your work done. In order to avoid glitches in conversations you need to:

  • Firstly, have confidence.
  • Secondly, avoid conversational fillers like, “uh” and “um”.
  • Always use polite and gentle phrases.
  • Greet someone when you meet.

Therefore, people will refer to you as a connoisseur of conversation if you follow our rules. Our course will meticulously portray each way to hold the perfect conversation.

Wear an ironed suit of a neutral colour when you are off to a business meeting. Avoid boho clothes and go for something formal that will elevate your personality. Many people lose brilliant opportunities due to their nonchalance and careless dressing sense.

In this module, we tell students how they should dress up for success. A strong confident person with an appropriate dressing sense is the epitome of success. Therefore, we will guide you and improve your dressing style so that you get drenched with success.

Social etiquette indicates the interactions you have with society. It involves the evaluation of your behaviour when you are with friends, neighbors and family.

Business etiquette, on the other hand, reflects the ways in which you interact with your clients, employees or employers and competitors. It refers to the way in which you handle each risk factor and threat.

Therefore, our personality development classes in Delhi assess your behavioural patterns and it rectifies your mistakes.

Dining etiquette refers to the table manners that one needs to follow in order to achieve success. Using the appropriate cutlery for the appropriate food, soundless chewing, not chatting while eating, not using phone while eating are some of the basic table manners you must know.

These table manners will polish your personality and make your character bloom with success. This module will teach you correct dining etiquette. Therefore, in order to gain more knowledge about table manners, please join our course.

Many people have leadership abilities that go unidentified. This module will help you to explore your leadership skills and exercise them in practical life.

In this module, we give people leadership related tasks and evaluate the way in which they perform the tasks. Therefore, this module will help you to ameliorate your authoritative skills.

For decision making, we create different teams. We give matters to make decisions on. We evaluate the way in which each member responds and makes decisions.

Therefore, this module will help you to get rid of your indecisive nature and progress in life.

Having proper negotiation skills is very important to ensure growth in life. For instance, if a dispute arises in your business venture, you need to negotiate with different parties to dissolve the altercation. Therefore, negotiation is important to settle down disputes and amalgamate all forces to impart productivity.

In this module, we give topics for debate. Then, we examine how each member negotiates with the others to prove their points right. This module has a more pragmatic approach than a vocational approach. Therefore, upgrade your negotiation skills by joining our course.

Course Details


The duration of this course is one month.

Mode of Training

Training will be provided via live online classes.


Apart from the online classes, you will also get Study Materials

For Corporate World

In order to hit it big in the corporate world, you must elevate your persona. For instance, always speak with confidence when you are in a business meeting. Practice beforehand your presentation and deliver your speech fluently. Try to avoid conversational fillers.

Use polite sentences in conversations. This will help you to build strong relationships with the management and employers. For the corporate world, speaking fluent English is a must. Therefore, focus on your English speaking skills in order to shine bright.

Our course teaches you every nook and cranny of corporate etiquette that will help you to flourish in your work. Therefore, go ahead and join our course.

For Ladies & Brides

Women, all across the world, are coming off as idols of success. They are no longer held back in the competitive world. Instead, they are winning in every field all across the globe. Therefore, their need for personality development is concrete.

Ladies need personality development courses to brush up on their skills and to win the world. And, marriage is a beautiful journey that two souls embark upon.

Therefore, brides need personality development courses to start their new life with much more passion and strength. We provide appropriate personality development courses to the ladies and bride. Contact us today in order to get access to our courses.

Requirements for Personality Development Class

Wondering what are the requirements for our personality development class? Don’t worry. We are here with the answers. A person with a basic education as well as a person with higher education is welcomed in our class.

Anybody who wants to learn with alacrity can join our class. We teach both the basics and advanced classes in personality development. Therefore, one must have sincerity and eagerness to avail our class.

Who Can Join This Course?

We have a versatile and modern approach to teaching. Therefore, you can join our course if:

  • You are eager to learn.
  • You want to do something recreational that will enhance your personality.
  • You want to use your time creatively.
  • And you want to flourish in your business.
  • If offline classes are not physically feasible for you, you can join our personality development courses online.


Therefore, our course is basically for everyone.

What Personality Development Skills Are in Demand?

In the quick altering world, personality development is mandatory to cling to life. Certain important personality development skills that are in demand are as follows.

  • Time Management – One needs to know certain tips to manage time in the busy world. Therefore, time management skills are very much in
  • Authoritative Skills – In order to rule over the world, one must possess leadership skills. This will help them to progress in life. Therefore, this skill is in
  • Self-inspiration – The workload sometimes affects mental health In such moments, it is very important for people to find self-love and self- motivation. Therefore, self-inspiration is a therapeutic skill.

Therefore, these were some of the skills that are very much in demand to ensure personality development.

Benefits of Personality Development Course

Some benefits of personality development courses are as follows.

  • Improves self-esteem – Personality development courses instill in people confidence and self-love. Therefore, in a way, it improves the self-esteem of a person.
  • Makes one ready for the competitive world – Personality development courses teach one several tips and tricks that improve their persona. Doing so, drills into one’s mind the courage to face the competition in the world.
  • Preaches one to respect time – Personality development courses illustrate how to work that will consume less time. It demonstrates how one can use their time Therefore, it teaches one to respect and value time.
  • Helps people face their fears – It sharpens one’s mind and makes them ready for challenges. It helps one to comprehend a difficult situation and move on in life. Therefore, it helps people to face their fears.

Our course is meticulously designed to frame one’s personality and help them face challenges in life. Therefore, join our course to become ready for challenges in life.

Why Image Coach Shivani for Personality Development Training?

Our image coach Shivani has proficiency and competence in personality development training. She is a good advisor, a veteran teacher, and an adept preacher.

She will intricately teach you how you can develop your persona. Her training involves explaining the modules in detail. And she will step by step preach to you how you can exercise those modules in real life.

She will solve your issues and polish your personality so that you can flourish and thrive in the world. Therefore, you can trust our coach who is a skillful teacher and advisor.


It is always beneficial if you know basic English. But don’t worry, our course will include all the basic English coaching.

Our course will teach you all the important aspects of English to enhance your persona. If you want to learn English in detail, we have our basic and advanced English courses. Therefore, don’t worry, your English cannot get in the middle of your learning.

As we already said, we have both basic and advanced courses for English. You can learn basic spoken English in just a few days. Our advanced English course involves vocabulary enrichment, confidence building and writing enhancement.

Our basic English course will teach you how to frame sentences using simple words. It also involves basic knowledge about verbs, nouns and tenses. Therefore, our courses will enrich your English and rectify your mistakes.

Of course, yes. You do not need to have vast knowledge and experience in order to join our class. This personality development course involves teaching basic rules and regulations.

We will teach you primary manners and etiquette. Therefore, don’t worry. You are welcome even if you are a fresher.

Our courses are for everyone. We teach etiquette and improve one’s persona without any gender biases.

If you are a lady professional, this course is going to be extremely beneficial for you. Therefore, almost everyone can benefit from our course.

Surely, yes. Our modules involve teaching about social and business etiquette. If you are a working professional, you will learn how you can deal with present and potential clients.

We will also teach you how to create positive impressions on others. Therefore, go and avail our course without a second thought.

Definitely, yes. One module of this course deals with the art of conversations. We will teach you how to effectively communicate with others and form liaisons. We will also work on your negotiation skills. Therefore, this course will improve your communication skills.

Don’t worry. We conduct both online and offline classes simultaneously. Therefore, we record each class and provide the recording to the students.

The recording is available for two months. And you can ask our teachers and clear your doubts, queries and confusions anytime you want.

No, there is no refund policy. We can only provide recordings within two months of your enrolment. Therefore, don’t worry as you will learn so much from these sessions.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

The below are a few common and frequently asked questions regarding our Personality Development Training

Yes it is a certified course.

The classes will be conducted ImageCoachShivani

The sessions will be conducted live and these aren’t recorded sessions.

Yes for 2 months you can claim , however recording for each session shall be given