Job Interview Training

The most challenging aspect of a job interview is often when the interviewer asks a question that requires you to think quickly on your feet. You’ll learn the most popular interview questions, along with important tips and tricks on how to answer them.

Learning Curriculum

This course is known for offering extensive training and paves the way for upskilling your skills.

Build a resume that gets shortlisted. Discover what mistakes you shouldn’t make when drafting one. Develop the ability to analyze the needs of an employer and match your resume to those needs. Swot Analysis- Know-how SWOT analysis works in a professional environment as well as for yourself. Learn to generate more ideas and formulate effective strategies.

Clothes are one of the key impact-makers the moment you introduce yourself, so use those moments wisely. It will be one of the key elements to ace any job interview. Make correct use of fashion and express confidence and emotions through styling.

 Learn how to interpret and mirror body language so that you can improve your understanding, acceptance, and performance in all interactions. Build confidence in how you feel about yourself and in all aspects of life.

During this course, students will encounter various types of interview questions. Students will gain insight into how to prepare for job interviews. Students will also learn how to tackle tricky questions and answer positively and confidently at job interviews.

Understand the interview etiquette. In any business transaction or person-to-person encounter, both parties’ behavioral impacts matter. The attitude of professionalism and the lack of it can make or break the process.

Find out what you need to do after an interview to increase your chances of getting hired by your dream company. Create a powerful lasting experience.

Course Details


The duration of this course is three weeks

Mode of Training

Training will be provided via live online classes.


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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

The below are a few common and frequently asked questions regarding our Job Interview Training

Yes it is a certified course.

The classes will be conducted ImageCoachShivani

The sessions will be conducted live and these aren’t recorded sessions.

Yes for 2 months you can claim , however recording for each session shall be given