Soft Skills And Corporate Training

We believe in the transformative power of learning. We believe that soft skills are the most important skills for individuals as well as business personnel. If you are looking for ways to enhance or improve your soft skills then you have come to the right place.


If your dream is to become a confident person with all the skills that can help you shine at your workplace, you are at the right place. Although, soft skills and corporate training is not new idea having the best skills depends solely upon the curriculum. Before understanding the curriculum much in detail, let us counter how soft skills and corporate training can give you an ace in your career.

Perhaps, in our school and college we are taught in a classroom learning, or a lecture method that focuses more on assignment submissions. Therefore, it sometimes excludes the creative part of it that builds an overall personality of an individual. Hence, later after completing degrees, people come to learn personality development skills, especially to work in a corporate environment.

As you know, in a corporate, you have to be smart enough to understand the needs and demands of your employer. Also, sometimes you have to be a leader and guide your subordinates. And in this professional field, great soft skills can give you an upper edge over other employees.

But whenever you search for the best soft skills training course, then you can lean your head on us with trust. Here we will share with you detailed information about the soft skills training curriculum which will help to build better personality and relationships in a professional environment.

What are the Major Soft Skills?

The major soft skills are listed below:

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Time/Stress Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict Management
  • Body Language
  • Leadership Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Team Management
  • Decision Making
  • Business Etiquette
  • Self Management

Therefore, here we will give you information about the detailed curriculum for soft skills and corporate training courses.

Soft Skills Training Module

Let us jump into the part of the module in which we will be focusing on Soft Skills and Corporate Training. Here we will be listing out the training and providing you with a detailed explanation of each training core.

In the corporate work environment, you may encounter many people and you have to communicate with them. Firstly, it could be a business presentation or just writing an email to the client explaining the status of the work.

So let us just after some interpersonal skills.

  • Positive Attitude
  • Verbal Communication
  • Non Verbal Communication
  • Problem Solving skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Assertive on thoughts
  • Feedback Response

Therefore, our instructor will help you in practical practice for developing interpersonal skills.

The utmost important factor in soft skills is communication. In the world, mostly in every profession, one has to deal with people and communicate in some or the other way. Having crisp and clear thoughts can help to make communication between peers well.

Also, one can communicate or express views and thoughts with clarity. Therefore, this part we have included in our module part which you will later in this.


The first part of communication training is articulation. In simple words, it refers to the construction of specific notes on how to produce speech. While we speak, there is a mutual functioning of the tongue, throat, and lips.

Therefore, in this part, our instructor will help you in making the collaboration of producing sounds. Here the instructor will also demonstrate and in this way it will be easier for the students to cope.

●How to form sentences

The English language is not like Sanskrit because it emphasizes totally forming sentences in the right way. Here in this part, you will get to know how to use correct grammar with the right usage of verbs, tenses, etc in a sentence.

In this part, the instructor will advise reading self help books and newspaper articles to keep your language and knowledge updated.

●How to be fluent

Being fluent comes with a lot of practice. Our instructor will help you to speak English fluently and for that, you have to work on the following factors:

  1. Form the sentence in your head before speaking
  2. Pronounce every word properly
  3. Avoid using a fake accent
  4. Start thinking in English
  5. Keep practicing

Lastly, look for a group of people and converse with them. Therefore, this will help you to improve your speech and pronunciation in a conversation.

●Vocabulary Expansion

Vocabulary is like a minimum touch up to make your communication skills better. If you include good vocab in your conversation, you will look more professional. Our instructor will give a list of words with their meanings and teach them to pronounce them correctly.

Another way to increase vocabulary is by reading books and newspapers. Therefore, in this manner, your vocab will be on point just like how corporate people use it.

●  How to think in English

For many candidates, this part is difficult because they are not English native speakers. Therefore, to start thinking in English, you must follow the below steps:

  1. Avoid using a bidialectal dictionary that translates to the mother tongue. Using only English Dictionary is the
  2. Have a self talk in English

The instructor will teach to think in English. Therefore, thinking in English will improve reading and writing skills.

●How to Avoid Fillers

Often people use “ums” and “uhs” while having conversations with people. It becomes quite irritating for people. So here are some tips that you must follow:

  1. Keep pauses in between sentences. Observe and then react, it will help you to become a better
  2. Be loud and clear of your thoughts. You can record your voice and analyze

From the classes, you will get more clarity regarding the correct usage of sentences. Therefore, avoid using fillers and upgrade your communication skills.

● Pronunciation and Enunciation

Sometimes people mispronounce words and create a bad image. At the institute, you will learn how to pronounce the words. Also, just follow the below steps to make the pronunciation and enunciation on point.

  1. Break up the syllables into halves and pronounce the words
  2. If going to deliver a presentation, then practice beforehand, so that it goes
  3. To be a good learner, you have to be a great observer. Whenever you come across a new word, write it down in your
  4. d) Say no to pretentious
●Phrases and Collocations

You have to form sentences, you have to focus on phrases and collocations. A phrase is a long group of words that are combined to make an expression. A collocation talks about the utilization of more than one word that we place consecutively.

In our class, you will find a lot of information about every topic. Therefore, the classes will be beneficial to strengthen your communication skills.

●Public Speaking

A good leader must have great public speaking skills because they have to represent at places. Public speaking is an art that is learned only with consistent practice of your speech. Also, this is a major part of soft skills training. And, to have a perfect speech or public speaking skill, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Practice with the speech multiple times
  2. Speak in front of the mirror and take feedback from family and friends
  3. Make sure the sentences are grammatically correct
  4. Stand straight and be confident with your words

In classroom learning, you will get an opportunity to present your speech in the group. Thus, you can have practice.

●Confidence Building

Lastly, in part of communication skills, you will be able to build up your confidence perfectly. When you have good command over language, nothing can stop you. This can be developed with proper soft skills training.

Also, try to follow a routine by inducing yourself with positive thoughts and people which will help you to grow. Therefore, you will have an overall personality plus communication skills development.

A good time manager can successfully achieve any goal in life and here we will share some generic tips. Here you will find tips related to time and stress management and how to balance them.

  1. Track your stresses. Have a diary and note down with preferences about your stress.
  2. Look for a support system
  3. Follow a healthy and productive routine
  4. Have a good sleep cycle
  5. Meanwhile, structure your time
  6. Allot the time slots to the most important work
  7. Have short term deadlines
  8. Avoid procrastination and perfectionism

In life, a balance is a must between the brain and heart, and so are the emotionally intelligent people able to. For problem solving in an organization, emotional intelligence plays a significant role.

a) Self Awareness

Self-awareness explains the knowledge about oneself. When an individual is aware of one’s feelings they get more clarity and take charge of emotions.

Awareness gives clarity and it helps in taking decisions.

b) Social Awareness

Being a leader or in a corporate, you tend to meet many people. When you are socially aware, people talk to you freely and trust you for sharing their feelings. In this sense, you can also be solution oriented colleague for them.

c) Relationship Management

Not every day is the best day, as an individual, we all have good days and bad days. An emotionally intelligent or stable person will be able to control emotions when it comes to a professional setting. Therefore, they become experts in managing relationships with their peers.

Our instructor will make you understand each point of the emotional intelligence factor. Then, you can apply these principles in your life and make a significant difference.

Being a leader or appointed at a higher position, it is your responsibility to minimize conflict in the organization. There can be multiple types of conflict occurring in an organization. Here we are sharing some basic techniques to manage conflicts.

  1. Accommodation
  2. Compromise
  3. Avoid
  4. Collaboration
  5. Competition

More or less in the above techniques, you have to be a mediator who can pacify the situation in a constructive manner.

As it is popularly said that “Action speaks louder than words”, so is the body language that conveys a lot of interpretation. In a simpler way, body language is the use of physical behavior, non verbal communication, etc. Here we will share some essential tips to improve body language.

  1. Maintain eye contact when you are talking
  2. Keep your facial expressions on point
  3. Have a straight and comfortable body posture
  4. Keep positive gestures while talking
  5. Maintain your facial expressions depending on the

In this soft skill training course, you will get a hand over the practice with body language. Our instructor will help you to improve it.

In a corporate world, leaders make a strong organization. A leader is someone who not only leads but also guides the team players. So, that a positive outcome can be achieved. Here we will be sharing the top leadership skills that you must have in yourself.

  1. Self Confidence
  2. Active Listener
  3. Integrity and Honesty towards people and team
  4. Visionary
  5. Innovative

Soft skills training courses are essential to building up leadership skills because all of us have leadership qualities. But sometimes, they are hiding inside us in hesitation. Our instructor will help you to sharpen your skills and make you an excellent leader.

In an organization, you may encounter a problem that needs a constructive solution. The problem solving approach requires some basic techniques to be followed on.

  1. Defining the Problem
  2. Brainstorming Ideas: Here you might get various perspectives from the other members of the team
  3. Coming to solution
  4. Implement the solution
  5. Reviewing the Results

This five way process helps you to analyze and reflect on a problem with a better solution. In this soft skill course, you will get assignments and questions to solve which will assure your overall personality development.

Being a professional, you have to become a better team manager. Here you have to be an active listener and also a critic in some places. Here are some techniques to become a better team manager.

  1. Do an effective communication with the team
  2. Have problem solving approach
  3. Be an emotionally intelligent person
  4. Have the ability to influence others
  5. Openness

The final and key part of coming to a solution is making a decision over it. The decision making skills are an integral part of a leader because the decision should be unbiased and in favor of most of the people. To make a decision, you need to have the following factors in mind.

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Find alternatives solutions
  3. Decide one solution
  4. Gather information
  5. Weigh the evidence and look at the consequences

Therefore, decision-making becomes a very important factor in soft skills and corporate training courses. It will give an exposure to understanding how the decision is made in an organization.

Business Etiquette is a set of rules that are followed by the business delegates attending meetings and conferences. In this module, you will learn the following Business Etiquette:

  1. Table manners and Etiquette
  2. Business meeting etiquette
  3. Workplace Etiquette
  4. Professional Etiquette
  5. Follow 3 R – Recognition, Respect and Response

With balance and stability, it is easier to manage yourself. Self management requires discipline and commitment, also it can change your attitude. Therefore, with self management you can gain emotional intelligence. Here are some self management skills that we will be including in the module.

  1. How to do self care
  2. Be kind to yourself
  3. Make a plan/routine
  4. Set your goal
  5. Being Patient
  6. Work on strengths
  7. Think before your speak

Course Details


The duration of this course is 1.5 month.

Mode of Training

Training will be provided via live online classes.

Training Process

Training will be based on hands-on experience.

Career Opportunities

With Soft Skills Training, you can enter into the world of grooming and training people. Below are some popular career opportunities that you can follow:

  • Soft Skills trainer
  • Communication Coach
  • Train the Trainer
  • Body Language Coach
  • Corporate Trainer Coach
  • Public Speaking Coach
  • Soft Skills Lecturer

Who can join our Soft Skills course in Delhi?

To enroll in this course, you only need the zeal to learn and reflect. This course is designed in a way that can be primarily useful for working professionals in any field. Therefore, if you are in the IT industry, teaching, or owning your business the soft skills course will help you to aced over competitors and make you look genuine.

Therefore, do not be late and join our soft skills course in Delhi.

Soft Skills Training for Corporates

For corporates, the soft skills training course will be brief about the corporate training as well which will be inclusive with some extra module courses. Therefore, this is the best in the market soft skills training for corporates.

Soft Skills for Education and Students

Generally, students who are sitting for placements, need soft skills training to present themselves in the best possible way. When a student is groomed perfectly with all the soft skills, that student has a higher chance to get placed in top-level companies.

What Soft Skills do our course Focus On?

This soft skills training course offers an overall personality and corporate development. In this course, we will cover in detail Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Time/Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Body Language, Leadership Skills, Problem Solving, Team Management, Decision Making, Business Etiquette, and Self Management.

How do Soft Skills Training Benefits You?

Soft skills improvement has become an integral part of professionals entering into corporate. It is a training process specifically important for working professionals so that they can manage their lifestyle and workplace. They should be able to create a balance in their life. Having great soft skills assures better relationships, a relaxed and calm mind, and the ability to face anything.

Why Image Coach Shivani for Corporate Training?

Our image coach Shivani has proficiency and competence in corporate training. She is a good advisor, a veteran teacher, and an adept preacher.

She will intricately teach you how you can develop your persona. Her training involves explaining the modules in detail. And she will step by step preach to you how you can exercise those modules in real life.

She will solve your issues and polish your personality so that you can flourish and thrive in the world. Therefore, you can trust our coach who is a skillful teacher and advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There is one popular saying that your personality will define your profession and soft skills will define how a person you are. Indeed soft skill training is different from personality development. If you have good soft skills, your personality is also enhanced.

Of course, with no doubt you can get into two course simultaneously, having a personality development course along with soft skills will help you to gain more confidence. Therefore, personality development will enhance your skills and overall grooming.

To start a career as a soft skills trainer, you have to train yourself for some significant years before entering this training field. But by the end of the course, you will get a training completion certificate. Thus, with consistency working and improving your communication skills, you can definitely think of becoming a Soft Skills Trainer.

For just passed out of college, this soft skills training course is the best option. There are many reasons why, but the most important reason would be your confidence level will be boosted. You can improve your performance drastically in campus placement and will have an edge over other candidates. Therefore, it is a big YES for the new passed out students.

Whenever you are working as a professional, you need to keep yourself updated. Few things are learned through experiences, but certainly, working professionals also need grooming to make them the best version of themselves. Therefore, with soft skills training, one can achieve it easily.

Yes, lady professionals are the best performant in such training sessions. This course is not gendered specific and we believe in women empowerment.

Therefore, working lady professionals are good to go with this soft skill training course. If any lady professional cannot make it to the offline class, can watch the soft skills training course online within two months of registration.

Don’t worry. We conduct both online and offline classes simultaneously. Therefore, we record each class and provide the recording to the students. The recording is available within two months of your registration. And you can ask our teachers and clear your doubts, queries and confusion anytime you want.

No, there is no refund policy. We can only provide recordings within two months of your enrolment. Therefore, don’t worry as you will learn so much from these sessions.

Therefore, those were the answers to frequently asked questions related to soft skills courses and corporate training. So, now is the time to groom yourself with the best soft skills training course in Delhi that will teach you every possible way to gain confidence not just in the corporate field but in life.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

The below are a few common and frequently asked questions regarding our Soft Skills And Corporate Training

Yes it is a certified course.

The classes will be conducted ImageCoachShivani

The sessions will be conducted live and these aren’t recorded sessions.

Yes for 2 months you can claim , however recording for each session shall be given