How Can I Improve my Personality?

Shivani Sharma

Shivani Sharma

How Can I Improve my Personality

Personality Development has become an integral part of our living. From getting a job or giving a presentation in a business meeting, personality speaks a lot, and further to ensure a better personality we will share some factors which will help you improve your personality. Usually, people have confusion and the first question that comes to mind is – How can I improve my personality?


How to improve my personality?

Science says that we are born with some innate qualities that are inherited from our parents and then there are some qualities that we learn eventually with time and so is the personality factor. Persona creates a positive vibrant, makes you look attractive, and makes people willing to talk to you. Personality can never be developed in a day because it is a gradual process and with time one can attain this quality.

One study told that 85 percent of the time, how you present yourself decides your success at the job interview. Therefore, you can understand how impactful it is to have the confidence to carry yourself.

So, we are giving some major tips that you can include to improve your personality.


1. Be an Active Listener

Without listening there is no clarity. Imagine a situation, when you are sitting in a class, and your teacher is teaching something, then suddenly she asks a question and you become clueless.

Therefore, these are the times when your listening skills are tested.

If you are an active listener, you can give constructive suggestions and feedback to your advisor seeker. Along with this active listening enforces your brain to focus on one place at a time, this improves your concentration and you tend to give efficient responses. Therefore, the advantages of being an active listener help you to look proactive, a reliable person, and of course mature.


2. Read things that interest you

As it is popularly said that Today’s Reader is Tomorrow’s Leader so from these lines you must get inspiration to read things that interest you. Also, you may find some people reading 100 novels in a year and some of them could read 4-5 pages with patience. Therefore, the best you could do is to inculcate the habit of reading. You can read and read, the first thing you can start is with the English Newspaper which is going to be beneficial in two ways – first is you will be updated about the things happening around us, also you will learn good vocabulary and of course, there will be a lot of language improvement.

Then you can move on to learn self-help books. Here you can go to Amazon books and search for some self-help books, you must read the customer reviews and publisher details before buying. By the end mark the books that you have read on Goodreads which will help you to keep yourself updated with the number of books you have read and eventually it will motivate you to read more.

Therefore, making reading a habit will be beneficial in achieving futuristic goals.


3. Take conversation initiative

A confident and best personality development person does not step back when it comes to taking initiative in making a conversation. Also, the initiative is an essential element present in a good leader.

Now, what kind of initiatives you can take. First, if you are meeting someone for the first time and you greet them with love and kindness it is an amazing gesture and the other person tends to get impressed with you. Along with this, if you are given a task in a group, you can take up the initiative in participating in the program which will make you visible in front of other people’s eyes. Therefore, people around you will start noticing you and will start believing you as a leader.

Initiatives are not just related to work and conversation, you can take initiative in giving a helping hand to other people which is a soft skill while maintaining the professional code.


4. Meet new people

Yes, this part is the most interesting one. When you are on the journey of personality development, you will try to give your best shot when you meet new people. The old friends and family are too much comfortable with our old selves and sometimes when you show them up about your new personality development improvement, they would rather laugh and would not take up things seriously.

Therefore, the idea of meeting new people comes into the picture. You can find such a group at your bus stop, nearby locality, or through mutual friends. The benefit of new people is that they do not know much about you and you can do experiments to check how much progress you have made in making your personality better.


5. Build a positive body language

You must be well aware that personality development does not just consist of speaking and listening, it is also about nonverbal communication skills. The positive body language aspects are maintaining eye contact, controlling your hand movements, and having a hygienic dressing style. The positive body language is reflected through confidence which actually comes when you remove fear from your heart. These fears could be fear of failure, fear of judgment, or fear that stops you to become a better version of yourself.

Positive body language can come with a positive mindset so what you reap is what you sow. Therefore, reap goodness, and positivity in your thoughts.


6. Be Humorous and Fun Loving

Nobody likes a very serious person because they usually appear boring. When you are comfortable having conversations, you can slightly turn the topics into humorous and fun-loving. You can share how your weekend was and about some past fun-loving things that excite you. In this manner, when your conversation becomes fun-loving, people will enjoy talking to you.

Comic relief is a welcome gesture and here everyone enjoys listening to each other’s story or any specific joke that relaxes your mind, body, and soul because of the uncontrollable laughter. Also, when you share any personal story with others, they feel more connected.


7. Make a circle

Having a circle will help you to sharpen your skills, this will be the circle that will not judge you on the basis of your personality. They will help you to enhance your communication skills and give a practiced hand for better development of your personality. You all can plan a time on the weekend to meet together and gel up with each other and share your interesting gossip at this time. This time will be so good to make you realize the importance of the circle and you can talk your heart there.

Therefore, get up ideas for group activities that involve group participation like group discussions with rational topics, such as economic improvement, employment in India, start-ups in India, etc.


8. Be Confident

Confidence speaks a thousand words, if you have confidence in yourself you can achieve anything. Being confident in who you are and what you do is the most essential factor to being successful in life. In life, you must never doubt yourself, and if there is something that you need to change, put effort to achieve them.

To keep yourself active and motivated, you must encourage yourself by reading success stories and surrounding yourself. The only key to confidence is to keep faith in yourself which will help you to sail through tough times. And with confidence, your personality will get a boost.


9. Check your attire

Grooming yourself is the first priority when it comes to personality development because it explains your outlook and the way you carry yourself. Nevertheless, you can check your attire on the basis of the occasion which makes your task easier to figure out which dress to wear.

For instance, if you want to appear for an interview, dress up your formal shirts, pants, and shoes which will complete your look. Carry a casual and comfortable outfit when you are going out with friends and family for hanging out. Also, have some separate outfits for attending parties and functions.

As you know, our attire speaks a lot about personality. When you buy a particular outfit, contrast the colors as well because it can help you in enhancing your beauty and create vibrant energy around yourself.


10. Create your opinion

Having your own opinion helps you to understand yourself as you can create your thoughts, views, and points on a specific topic and with rational points, you can influence others as well. You must never feel shy in putting forward your opinion about anything, this makes you vocal enough to speak for yourself.

And as above we have mentioned to read and analyzing newspapers to keep yourself updated can help you get the right and relevant information. Therefore, it helps you to get recognized in your circle and people think you are credible enough to give the right suggestions.


11. Be ‘Who’ you are

When you be yourself, you accept the goodness and flaws about your self which makes you different from thousands of people who are not ready to accept the way they are. Remember each one of us is different, born and brought up in a different background. Never change yourself for someone else because it will force you to forget about your authenticity or the originality which you have been carrying for so long.

Therefore, the best version of yourself can only be possible by improving yourself not changing yourself.


12. Follow your Rule Book

When you learn something about Personality Development have a Rule book with you, where you can write your rules and keep reading them to be in touch with them. Thus, this rule book will help you in the personality development journey.

Make a habit of writing good points from self-help books and create a motivational section in your diary. Also, write your life-changing moments which will help you to step ahead in your

life. Therefore, you can say personality development is not a one-day thing, it’s a lifetime process but once you did it there is no looking back.

We believe these 12 Tips to Improve your Personality will give you a direction to start your journey of personality development transformation to become the best version of yourself.

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