How Can I Improve My Communication Skills?

Shivani Sharma

Shivani Sharma

How Can I Improve My Communication Skills

Whether you are a student, a housewife, or an entrepreneur, quality communication skills will enhance your competence and charisma. Study shows that nine out of ten promotions in a workplace depend on conversational aptitude. Therefore, in order to level up your game, you need to elevate your communication expertise.


We often find people stammering to communicate in the workplace. To eliminate that one needs to focus on their ability to draft conversations. It will help you to put forth your opinions and mitigate all your irrational fears regarding speaking.


Today, we are going to portray certain ways by which one can improve conversational jazz. Believe us, this article will help you to hit it big with your communication artistry. Therefore, without wasting any more of your precious time, let us dive into the topic. Shall we?


1)First, Hear Out


In order to master the art of communication, you will firstly need to hear out to others. Listen to what others have to offer and keep their thoughts and opinions in close proximity. Pay meticulous attention to their side of the story and only after knowing that, bring forth your opinion.


This will not only make you a good listener but will adorn your speech with facts and practicality. Therefore, drizzle your conversation with certitude by paying heed to others. We often come across people who jump in the middle of conversations and then drift away from facts.


This creates a negative impact and makes your conversation valueless. I, certainly, for my part, listen to others before saying anything. This has helped me to improve my communication skills. Therefore, now it is your turn to embellish your communication skills.


2)Focus on Your Gestures


Your body language and gestures heavily influence your way of holding up a conversation. There are people who lose opportunities due to inappropriate mannerisms despite having a soft tone. The tonality of communication depends on your bodily attitude.


Certain ways to exercise a positive attitude are as follows.


  • Always wear your smile while conversing about some pleasant news.
  • Do not slouch while having official conversations.
  • Always drape the sheets of confidence around you.


Therefore, the above tips will help you to polish your body language and create a positive impact on others. These tips have helped me to improve my communication skills. Hope you too can derive benefits from them.


3)Contemplate Your Speech Before Putting It on the Table


Very often people put forth their speech without scrutinizing it. As a result, they overlook several facts and points. This creates a negative impression.


To avoid that, you should first consider your thoughts before speaking. Take your time, think properly about your speech, and then put forward your opinion. Whether you are in the corporate world, a homemaker, or a student, thinking before speaking will ameliorate your persona.


Therefore, always contemplate your thoughts before speaking. I do the same, and it has helped me improve my communication skills. I am sure that you can also improve your communication skills too.


4)Make It Quick Yet Informative


Exaggerated and lengthy speeches make your communication or conversational skills feeble. Try to make your conversations brief and quick. Pour in all the details but let it be not time-consuming.


Therefore, abstain from having long monotonous conversations. This will surely improve your communication skills. Some tips to make your communication specific and short are as follows.


  • Use short and to-the-point sentences.
  • Do not add too much irrelevant information. It will make the speech dull.
  • If needed, practice your speech beforehand.


Therefore, following these tips and tricks will elevate your communication skills.


5)Use a Polite Tone


Rude verbal communication imparts a negative aura. Always make sure to use flowery language and have a polite outlook. Very often we find people losing opportunities due to their problematic behavior.


To avoid that, it is advisable to always have a positive and polite approach. Therefore, certain ways to do that are as follows.


  • Always smile gently while speaking to others.
  • Use a mild yet confident tone while speaking.
  • Greet others after meeting them.
  • Use phrases like, “Thank You”.
  • Apologize to others when needed.


Therefore, the above points will enlighten your communication skills and enfold you with adulation.


6)Abstain From Using Fillers


One thing that acts as a peril in conversations is fillers. Too much usage of “uhs” and “ums” can make your communication worse. People use fillers when they need time to think before shooting out the next sentence.


We understand your dilemma. And to help you out, we will suggest some techniques using which you can avoid using fillers. Therefore, the tips are as follows.


  • Practice your conversations beforehand to avoid using fillers.
  • You can replace your fillers with other smart sentences.
  • Note down the points you need to say so that you don’t have to search for them while speaking.


Therefore, you can replace your fillers with small pauses and smart phrases. I have followed the above points, and they helped me improve my communication skills. Now, you can also use them to avoid fillers.


7)Participate in the Discussion


We often find people shying away from discussions and conversations. They actively listen to others but are afraid to take part in the discussion. We are here to help you with that.


To actively take part in conversations, do the following.


  • Ask questions and clear out your doubts. Asking questions will make people believe that you are paying attention to their words. This will brighten up your social persona and improve your communication skills.
  • Put forth your opinions in a gentle way. This will let others believe that you are interested in the discussion and want to take part in it.


Therefore, these are certain ways by which you can actively take part in regular conversations and stay relevant.


As an introvert and shy person, I often found it difficult to participate in conversations. But the above points helped me improve my communication skills. Hope it will help you too.


8)Ask Your Peers for Their Assessment


A little feedback about your communication skills will help you to improve. Ask people to assess your communication or conversational skills. This will enable you to point out your strengths and weaknesses.


Awareness about your soundness and fragility will help you to improve your deficiency and utilize your power. Now, one might feel a little shy or resentful while asking others to evaluate them.


However, there is no reason to feel resentful or shy. On the contrary, it will help you to make your communication skills even better. Therefore, go ahead and ask your peers to give their opinions on your communication skills.


9)Be Acquainted With Your Audience


Another important tip to improve your communication skills would be to know your audience. Quickly take a scan and get acquainted with the people you are speaking to. Try to identify what will please them and incorporate that into your communication.


For instance, while speaking to your senior at the office try to use formal sentences. Keep the sentences short, crisped, and to the point.


At the same time, while speaking to your friend at a party you should use informal language. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to scan your audience or listener before speaking to them.


10)Look Straight in the Eye


One very important tip that we would like to offer is looking straight in the eye. We have already said that a confident body gesture is crucial in conversations. Therefore, looking straight in the eye brightens up a conversation.


Whether you are a marketing executive, a party planner, or a school teacher, you should look directly in the eye while speaking. This will ameliorate your persona and wrap you with appreciation and admiration. Therefore, stop averting your gaze and wear your confidence while conversing with people.




11)Fake It Till You Make It


In order to master communication skills and soar high, one must have confidence. This will impart optimistic energy and make your conversations radiant. And the best way to cover yourself with the sheets of confidence is by faking it till you make it.


Some ways to appear confident while conversing with others are as follows.


  • Have a positive posture.
  • Ask others to evaluate you. This will help you to learn from your mistakes and be more confident.
  • Abstain from having negative conversations.
  • Practice your speech before delivering it.


Therefore, these were some of the tips which you can follow to appear more confident in your conversations. These tips certainly enabled me to improve my communication skills. You too can follow the above tips to flourish and prosper.


Therefore, these were some of the ways using which I developed my communication skills. Now, it is time for you to refer to these whenever you face troubles while having conversations.


And remember, the key to having the proper communication is confidence. Always have confidence, and you will get drenched with the myriads of rainbows. We hope this article was able to solve your dilemmas. To avail more articles like these, go ahead and follow our page.

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